"The strategy has been delivering leads to our business on a continuous basis without us actually going out and actively hunting those leads down. We’ve seen these leads translate into sales… I’m talking about several hundred thousand dollars. You go through a process, putting a system together, and then… it just works."

Robin Powers


"I'd spent all this time setting up my business. And, then, suddenly I had to become a marketer. I suddenly had to enter this world where I had to create content, find customers, pitch my business, and that was really daunting. I had watched other people get amazing click throughs... Then, suddenly, I was that guy! Suddenly, that was me!"

Simon Ogilvie-Lee

SaaS Owner

"I've had to put someone on board to manage all the extra enquiries. I've since quadrupled the amount of web-visitors that I get, and inbound leads and prospects have gone up astronically. My phone hardly rings anymore but I get four times the amount of enquiries, every day, with all their details. It's amazing. I'm the prize."

Ben Cusack


“Before the program, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the requirements… and whether I would get my money’s worth! I kept up and the things I learnt -- the tools and marketing concepts and what they are doing for our business -- will be paying me back for a long time to come! You rock!”

Kylie Barrow

eCommerce Business

“Rather than 'just' rethinking the marketing of the business, the course forces you to re-imagine HOW you do business, or more correctly, how you can do what you do better… Cheaper, faster, smarter... and save time. Take the course, do the exercises, DON'T think too much, 'just do it' and you'll be richly rewarded."

Andre Amrein

Dental Registry

"Hands down the best money I have spent learning how to market and grow my business. Within 6 months I’d more than doubled my rates, my bookings continued to increase, and I had better-fit clients who valued my services and expertise more and more. I ended up with a wait-list!  I go back to James’ teachings every time I want to roll out a new service."

Nami Clarke

Freelance Copywriter

"Best marketing money we have ever spent. We are doing for ourselves and loving the challenge, great fun great results! Thanks! I'm loving it when a prospect has gone through my funnel and they're pre-sold before I even start to talk! Even my seventeen year old son, Louis, is getting an early start in business thanks toi James and his training."

Robert Goudie

Mortgage Broker

"James has developed an incredibly detailed, yet straightforward methodology to enable small business owners like myself to better leverage our strengths and gain clear competitive advantage in the crazy, crazy world of online, social marketing. He delivers a highly personalised approach and terrific mechanisms to go forth and prosper!"

Simon Blair

Customer Experience Coach

"When I first signed up to James' program, I felt excited. And then, suddenly, I was scared and started to question myself. Can I do this stuff? Do I have the skills? What was so great is that after each lesson I discovered that I DO have the skills. And that felt great! I AM able to create compelling content and AM able to execute strategies that no-one in my industry is even contemplating."

Kathryn Chapman

Leadership Trainer

“Marketing gun! James' The Recipe and The Pointy End courses taught me practical, low cost, high value strategies that I continue to use to grow my business. I started with an idea. Now I have a brand, clients and a real business. I'm travelling the world and part of all that was thanks to James.”

Josh Blakely

JBL Spending Planners

"Just a quick note to say my business this year has lifted about 70% which is worth over a million in revenues at least. I'm kind of freaking out because I can't keep up with the demand. I only implemented a few strategies from the course but they've worked too well, especially the email strategies. Thanks!"

Stephen Burns

Mr Tax Refund

"Just wanted to send you a personal note to say thank you. As you know, working with you has challenged me to find my 'why'. I think I nailed it last Friday at 10:00am. How do I know? When I told my wife she hugged me and began crying, in a good way. She is my target audience. Feel like I'm nailing it. Thank you, James!"

Robert Bihar

First Time Business Owner

The Not So Freaky University Alumni

I'd been  muddling along, treading water, working late nights. I thought I was doing all the right things. But I wasn't getting  anywhere. Then, when it happened, it happened fast.  So fast. I went  from having a startup with no customers to having a network and 23  clients almost overnight. I turned my idea in a businesss. Huge!" 

Matt Richter

"I walked away from each lesson with a piece of the funnel completed! Most training I have attended are more theoretical and then you are left to apply. The timing was perfect. I had been poking at marketing, but lacked confidence. Thank you James, the value of this course far exceeded the cost. Ready to hit the road!"

Ladona Stork

Always great content delivered in a interesting and fun way. Keep up the great work. Makes it easier for us to follow and try to implement."

Talana Christodoulou

James Tuckerman is consistently generous with tips which make a difference immediately. Excellent communicator and just gets on with it. Thanks James!"

Vikki Rabe 

Just 15 minutes in a live training session last week has not only helped me understand what I was doing wrong and how to craft compelling content quickly but, has also given me a totally new set of simple and powerful tools which helps me focus my thinking on the right things when creating any type of sales and marketing collateral... Thanks so much James."

Graham McCorkill

James is so generous with his time and knowledge and is a genuinely nice and down-to-earth guy. He knows his stuff and has his own amazing business history to prove it. Now we get to learn from him! I have seen a lot of "guru's", but I honestly think his training is some of the best out there!"

Amanda Mayer 

After 20 years my business had a lot of marketing collateral in place. But James's courses have offered my sales team and I fresh ideas. He has an easy-going, affable style that makes his lessons enjoyable while offering loads of practical and innovative insights. Want to improve your team’s sales & marketing? Take the next step to get the party started!"

Nicole Lander

I highly recommend James Tuckerman. I can’t remember how I found James, however, having attended The Recipe I consider him to be knowledgeable, generous with his time and wisdom, practical in the application of his teachings, and a man of integrity."

Yvonne Coleman